How do I let others join my team / bring others in?

Direct people to sign-up first at so that they will receive all GR3 updates. 

Then give them the link/URL to your team page to join your circle (copy it from your browser when youโ€™re on the page).  

When they go to the team page, they will see the option to JOIN TEAM. 

Don't worry if you don't see this button on your own Team Page, it doesn't show up if you are logged in.

We also have pre-written messages that you can use to send out to your people:

Open your editor

  1. Visit your team fundraising page and log in
  2. Once you're logged in, tap on the Manage button
image of the manage button that can be found on a fundraising page

  1. Once the editor is open, select Emails > Recruit new teammates

image of the email screen in a fundraising page editor with the option to recruit new teammates

  1. Click Copy Message to copy the invite message
  1. Paste the message into an email/social message, add your own personal grab, send it to the person you want to invite  

You will receive further instructions by email if you are registered for the GR3.